Sometimes your shipping platform or the settings on your application results in prints that are off center or cut-off. It could also be as simple as the purple sliders being too wide so a quick fix is to adjust it according to the size of your labels.

To adjust the settings, please choose your printer:

Rollo X1040 Wireless Printer

Your Rollo Wireless Printer is able to automatically learn your labels and recognize its size. You can also make manual adjustments (offsets) via the Rollo settings page.

Please ensure you are on the same Wi-Fi network as Rollo, then open the Rollo App and visit

Menu > Settings > Default Rollo Printer > Settings

Once Rollo Printer Portal opens, click on "Media"


On Label Offset, adding positive or negative measurements either in inches or millimeters will move your labels to the right (positive) and to the left (negative). Simply click on "Save Changes" and try printing your label to see if it's now centered.

Rollo X1038 USB Printer


You can adjust these margins and define new paper sizes by right clicking on "Rollo Printer" and choosing "Printer Preferences"

Click on "Settings" and adjust the margins as desired. You may need to do some trial and error to find the perfect combination. You may enter both negative and positive values here.

Click on "Apply" or "OK" to send these settings to the printer for your next printing.


If you're using Safari, you may need to increase the scale as it adds mandatory margins to your labels. You may also try using another browser like Google Chrome. 

You may also access and check the Mac print dialogue settings to make the necessary adjustments. Once you have the printer dialogue open, simply select "Printer Features" and "Page Options". From there, you will be able to adjust the Horizontal and Vertical offsets.