Note: We recommend that you switch to's newest acquisition ShipStation for reliable, fast, and easy printing. 

Web Version

We recommend that you use the web version of You may access it via

1. Choose 4 x 6 in the drop down menu

2. Click on "Print" and choose your Rollo printer ensuring that the label size is set to 4x6. 

Note: If you are using the old Stamps connect application:

Due to a software bug on connect, we need to first rename the Rollo printer in your computer as "Zebra LP2844".

To do this on Windows, go to Control Panel > Printers > Right click on Rollo Printer > Properties > Change the name to Zebra LP2844 and then click OK.

To do this on Mac, please go to the System Preferences -> Printers -> Right click on ThermalPrinter Thermal > Rename > Change the name to Zebra LP2844 and click Ok. 

You will need to quit and re-open it. You will now see Zebra LP2844 in your drop down menu. Pro Software: software requires a few steps to successfully print to a thermal printer. This software was originally produced in late 90s and the set up steps reflect that era. Essentially, we will install Rollo as a ZPL printer. 

1. Please download the Zebra Printer Driver

2. After opening the downloaded file, please click on "Install Zebra Printer" 

3. Select Zebra 2844 and click "Next"

4. Before we can continue the installation, we need to find out which USB port Rollo is connected to. Please go to your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices -> Right click on Rollo > Printer Properties

5. Click on the "Ports" tab and notice which USB Port is checked. 

6. We will now go back to the installation window and pick the same port and click "Finish" 

7. Next, please open the software and select Tools -> Configure Printer

8. Choose "Yes" and click "Next," and then "Finish." 

In the Packages tab, if not already selected, please select "Zebra / Eltron Type - Standard 4x6 label - roll" - Click on Print Sample or Print Postage

For your printer, please pick Zebra 2844 and click "Print"