The most likely reason is that your label is not properly formatted for 4 x 6 label printing. Rollo prints exactly what you see on your screen in the same orientation. So, if the label looks side-ways on your screen or if it has a lot of white space around the label, Rollo will print it side-ways and with the same amount of white space.

Try to print this Sample Label and see if the issue persists. 

If the sample label does not print out okay, please check your initial setup

If the sample label prints out fine, then please check the following:

  • Check if your shipping platform can provide 4 x 6 labels in the correct orientation. We have How-Tos for the most popular platforms on this link.
  • It is possible that your label is designed for regular printers (8.5 x 11 size). See this link to crop your label.
  • If your label is 4 x 6 but just provided sideways, you can setup Rollo to rotate it for you automatically. 
    • On Mac
      During the print prompt, select your label size under Presets, then navigate to Printer Features -> Page Options and Select "0" under "Rotate."
    • On Windows
      Go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right click on Rollo -> Go to Settings -> Under Orientation / Rotate Choose "0" and Click Apply / Ok.