The following Mac driver is required for the Rollo USB label printer only. Rollo Wireless does not require any driver installations.

For installation guide on Rollo wireless label printer, click here.

Rollo USB label printer requires OS X 10.9 or newer.

1. Please download the latest version of Rollo USB Printer's Mac Driver from this link

2. When you open the download file, you should see the screen shown below. It is highly recommended that you open the installation guide to follow along.

Double click on the pkg installer to begin.

3. Follow the installation steps until you receive the "Installation was successful" message shown below.  

4.  Open your Mac's "Settings" and click on "Printers and Scanners." 

5. In the next window, press the "+"
6. Click on Rollo Thermal Printer, and then choose "Select Software" in the drop down menu.

7. Please search / find "Rollo Printer" and click OK.

8. Click on "Add" 

9. When you see a green light next to Rollo Thermal Printer, you are all set. 

10. You may wish to print a Sample 4 x 6 Shipping Label. In the print dialogue, please be sure to select your "Paper Size" appropriately (for example 4 x 6).