Some platforms just don't provide their labels at a high enough resolution for thermal printers. Some only provide the required resolution for domestic labels, but expect customers to use regular inkjet printers for international labels.

To fix these low-resolution labels, we have created a high-resolution driver which performs a series of file enhancements to improve the label clarity.

How to install and use the high resolution driver (beta):

1) If you haven't already done so, please download and install Rollo's standard driver from

2) Download, unzip, and install the file attached to this article

3) Restart your computer

You should now have a new printer added to your system called "Rollo High-Res Printer" 

Please send your international labels and labels with lower resolution to this printer. 

Note: Since the high-resolution driver needs to perform a series of image enhancements, you may notice a slight decrease in print speed. We recommend using the standard driver for all labels that do not require enhancements. 

Note: The high resolution print driver is currently in its beta release. We would appreciate any feedback.