Quickbooks is not currently on our official supported platform list: What platforms does Rollo work with?

For the QuickBooks Desktop app, please check the installation guide below - This is for Stamps.com which is the extension you will most likely be using with Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Enterprise Software:

QuickBooks software requires a few more steps than other platforms to work. Essentially, we will install Rollo as a ZPL printer. 

1. Please download Zebra Printer Driver

2. After opening the downloaded file, please click on "Install Zebra Printer" 

3. Select Zebra 2844 and click "Next"

4. Before we can continue the installation, we need to find out which USB port Rollo is connected to. Please go to your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices -> Right click on Rollo > Printer Properties

5. Click on the "Ports" tab and notice which USB Port is checked.

Following this guide, you will have two printers shown in windows (Rollo Printer and Zebra 2844), and both will print to Rollo.