Adding Magento to your Rollo Ship account offers many benefits including easily creating 4x6 shipping labels for your Magento orders, being notified when new orders are available, processing all your orders from the Rollo Ship, and easily printing to your Rollo printer. Magento will be automatically notified of the tracking number once you make a label in Rollo Ship.

Before you can connect your Magento 2.x store to Rollo Ship , you'll need to create a new Magento role and user specifically for the communication with Rollo Ship. Follow the steps below for a step by step guide:

1. Log in to your Magento Admin site.

2. Go to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Roles from the main menu.
Magento - Roles menu

3. Click Add New Role.
Add New Role button

4. At the Role Info tab enter the new role name (for example, rollo) and admin's password.
Role Info form

5. Switch to the Role Resources tab, then set the Resource Access field to All.
Role Resources form

6. Press the Save Role button.
Save Role button

7. Select System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC - Users from the main menu.

Magento - Users menu

8. Click Add New User.
Add New User button

9. Fill in the required user details.
You have to generate your own API Key for the user. Usually, these are 40-character strings that include both letters and numbers, but you can make yours whatever you wish. You'll enter the User Name and API Key into Rollo Ship in a later step.

User Info form

10. Switch to the User Role tab and select the role you've created before.
User Role form

11. Press the Save User button.
Save User button

On Rollo Ship iOS or Android App

1. Launch the Rollo App and Login

2. Press on the Menu Icon located at top left of the screen

3. Choose "Connections" and select "Selling Channels"

4. Press "ADD NEW" and choose Magento 

5. 15.Enter your API Key, Magento's host address, and User Name.

6. Click Connect.
7. Your current and future 
Magento orders will be available for shipping within a few moments in Rollo Ship.

On Rollo Ship Web

1. Login to Rollo Ship 

2. Click on "Connection" on the top menu and choose "Selling Channels"

3. Scroll down and click on Etsy logo
4. Enter your API Key, Magento's host address, and User Name.

5. Click Connect.
6. Your current and future Magento
 orders will be available for shipping within a few moments in Rollo Ship.