If your barcode is not printing clearly, the source file wasn't created in the ideal quality. 

Try this sample label which was generated at the correct quality to test it: Sample Label

If there's no difference or improvement with the print result, you will need adjust your printer settings.

To adjust the settings, please choose your printer:

Rollo X1040 Wireless Printer

When experiencing print quality issues with your Rollo Wireless Printer, you have control over different settings to improve its quality.

To test whether your Rollo printer is in good health, print the sample 4 x 6 label

This label is generated from Rollo Ship and provided at standard quality and should print clearly.

If the barcode is not scannable, issue could be one of the following: 

1) Label
The darkness of the label depends on the label manufacturer. High quality labels produce darker and sharper prints.

Rollo labels are Made in the USA and are environmentally sourced.

2) Margins and page size
Please ensure the content takes up the whole label. If there are extra borders, your design may be "shrunk" printed in a smaller size resulting in faded content.

If you are printing 4 x 6 labels, the sample 4 x 6 label should take up the label's full width and height.

3) Print darkness and speed

Within your Rollo Printer Portal, you can set your "Darkness" and "Speed"

Please ensure you are on the same Wi-Fi network as Rollo, then open the Rollo App and visit

Menu > Settings > Default Rollo Printer > Settings

Once Rollo Printer Portal opens, click on "Printing Defaults" 

Under Printing Defaults, you can manage the different settings to help improve the quality of your label

Rollo X1038 USB Printer

On PC: 

Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right click on Rollo > Printer Preferences > Settings Tab 

Adjust Speed and Density 

On Mac:

Access these settings directly from the print menu as shown below.