This article covers the scenario when Rollo was working properly before, the Rollo button is a green light, and no label advances when you click "Print."  

Please choose your printer for specific troubleshooting:

Rollo X1040 Wireless Printer  

Below is a series of steps that helps resolve printing issues with the Wireless Rollo printer 

  • Please ensure that the printer is connected to the same wireless network. 
  • The WIFI LED is blue.  
  • You can try to print our sample label: and If it prints, please reload the platform you're printing from.
  • Obstructions between the printer and the router could cause a delay or could block the print command.
  • Please power off the Rollo printer, wait for at least 20 seconds, then power it back on. Once the Wi-Fi light is solid blue, please print a label to test.
  • Please restart the router to refresh the network.  
  • Remove and re-add the printer (if you are printing from a computer)  
  • Reset the printer to factory default please see this link: 

Rollo X1038 USB Printer

The most likely reason is that Rollo is connected to a new USB Port. Windows will register Rollo as a "new" printer whenever the USB port changes. Thus when you print to the "old" printer, it simply keeps it in the print queue. 

This happens so that you can run multiple Rollo printers from the same computer, each with different label types and settings. 

How to fix:

  • Open your Control Panel -> Printers and Devices and note which Rollo Printer is "active." It may be the Rollo Printer, the Rollo Printer (Copy 1), or the Rollo Printer (Copy 2), etc.
    Be sure to print to the same active printer name when printing.
  • Alternatively, please unplug and re-plug Rollo into the same USB port as before and that should restore your printing without further changes. 

If Rollo is flashing red, please see this article.

If Rollo is printing blank labels, please see this article.